Testing: Split, Multivariate and more

Variant offers a novel approach to A/B testing, intended to overcome the limitations inherent in the existing service-based A/B tools. Their central argument is that at the enterprise scale, when it comes to online controlled experiments, all the advantages of the SaaS architecture become less relevant, while all the shortcomings mutate into fatal flaws.

Instead, Variant offers an enterprise experiment server, running on the customer’s own network, local to the host application and to the operational data. All components of the host application (client, server, or anything in between) communicate with the experiment server via light-weight client libraries*, while the server-side API provides centralized core feature extensibility. Variant server also acts as a distributed session manager, enabling Variant’s critical features in a modern distributed environment.
A single Variant server can support multiple application domains via experiment schemata. Each schema file, contains complete definitions of all experiments instrumented on a particular application. Even if you only have a single application, you will find the ability to deploy separate schema for every QA build very attractive.
Variant’s principal benefits include
* Variant is a recent startup: at the time of this writing they only support host applications with a Java back-end.