Testing: Split, Multivariate and more

Testing your site is the only real way to know what your particular audience needs. There are many tools available at a variety of price points for you to choose from. More on AB Testing.

  • Adobe® Target   Favorite

    What is Adobe Target?

    It’s a personalization solution that makes it easy to identify your best content through tests that are easy to execute. So you can deliver the right experience to the right customer.

    Formerly Adobe Test and Target and Omniture


  • Webtrends®   Favorite

    Webtrends enables digital marketers to deliver the most relevant messages and experiences that drive remarkable results across their mobile, social and web efforts. more...

  • Convert.com   Favorite


    As we've gotten to know the team at Convert.com, we/ve become fans. These guys offer a reliable, feature-rich split-testing platform that will compete with the best of them.

    In their words: A/B testing is one of the fastest methods to learn more about your visitors and their preferences. Our service is primarily used for conversion optimization onsite and in landing pages. Convert Experiment™ is used by many conversion experts by agencies, in-house talent, and consultants to support their testing and conversion needs.


  • Optimizely   Favorite


    In their own words: Say goodbye to technical bottlenecks and hello to actionable data.

    When it's time to take action and make changes to your site, there is no replacement for dedicated technical resources — in most organizations, these resources are hard to come by and typically demand waiting in line. Optimizely acts as your on-demand technical team, with technology that turns your creative changes into instantly generated and deployed code.

    Has an API for those times when your test doesn't fit a typical pattern. 

    Optimizely Logo


  • Visual Website Optimizer   Favorite

    We like Visual Website Optimizer because of its rich feature set. It enables the all-important ability to track e-commerce transactions so you can test Revenue per Visit (RPV) which keeps you from increasing conversion rates but decreasing the average purchase of buyers. more...

  • Omniconvert   Favorite

    In their own words:
    Surveys: Give a voice to your visitors
    A/B Testing: Optimization based on solid data
    Personalization: Deliver messages that matter
    Segmentation: Interact with the right audience


  • Hiconversion   Favorite

    HiConversion represents the cutting-edge in conversion rate optimization. Developed over a period of years by a team of technologists and scientists, our e-OptimizerTM solution is comprised of both patented and patent-pending modules that elevate the promise of incremental revenue generation associated with testing, targeting, and personalization to heights never before experienced by e-commerce merchants. We get results 10x to 100x faster, without revenue risk or technical complexity, and do so while concurrently delivering the lowest total cost of ownership. Hiconversion Logo more...

  • Maxymiser®   Favorite

    Maxymiser is the global expert in multivariate testing, personalization and optimization solutions. Maxymiser combines online testing and automated personalization into a single platform that empowers marketers to launch comprehensive optimization campaigns on-the-fly without the need for IT resources. Maxymiser Logo more...

  • Monetate®   Favorite

    Monetate’s products and people enable online businesses to implement superior marketing strategies, to quickly and easily test and target website content and features, thereby providing customers with more relevant and compelling website experiences. Monetate Logo more...

  • Variant   Favorite

    Variant offers a novel approach to A/B testing, intended to overcome the limitations inherent in the existing service-based A/B tools. Their central argument is that at the enterprise scale, when it comes to online controlled experiments, all the advantages of the SaaS architecture become less relevant, while all the shortcomings mutate into fatal flaws.

    Instead, Variant offers an enterprise experiment server, running on the customer’s own network, local to the host application and to the operational data. All components of the host application (client, server, or anything in between) communicate with the experiment server via light-weight client libraries*, while the server-side API provides centralized core feature extensibility. Variant server also acts as a distributed session manager, enabling Variant’s critical features in a modern distributed environment.
    A single Variant server can support multiple application domains via experiment schemata. Each schema file, contains complete definitions of all experiments instrumented on a particular application. Even if you only have a single application, you will find the ability to deploy separate schema for every QA build very attractive.
    Variant’s principal benefits include
    • Direct and secure integration with operational data.
    • Negligible system overhead due to experiments.
    • Unparalleled ease of deployment and dev friendliness.
    * Variant is a recent startup: at the time of this writing they only support host applications with a Java back-end.