Click Tracking, Session Recording and Heatmaps

We love all of the tool categories on this page, but we especially love these. Basically, Click Tracking and Heatmap tools show us how users are interacting with our pages. They show us where we are getting real visitor's attention and where we aren't, where people actually click on the page, even if the element is not clickable and how people scroll through the content on our pages. Some of the tools even record visitor sessions so that we can see exactly how key user types interact with  site thought their session.

  • CrazyEgg™   Favorite

    CrazyEgg offers tools to help you visually identify the most popular areas of a your page, help you to see which parts of your pages are working and which ones are not, and give you greater insight as to what your users are doing on your pages, both mobile and full sites. CrazyEgg Logo more...

  • Inspectlet   Favorite

    In their own words:

    Watch individual visitors use your site as if you're looking over their shoulders.
    Inspectlet records videos of your visitors as they use your site, allowing you to see everything they do. See every mouse movement, scroll, click, and keypress on your site. You never need to wonder how visitors are using your site again. more...

  • Mouseflow   Favorite

    In their own words: Mouseflow lets you record website visitors and see website heatmaps showing where they click, scroll and even pay attention. 

  • Hotjar   Favorite

    All-in-one Analytics and Feedback – See how visitors are really using your website, collect feedback and turn more visitors into customers.  Services include heat maps, feedback polls, surveys, conversion funnels, form analytics, visitor recordings, and recruiting user testers.

  • UsabilityTools   Favorite

    In their own words: Understand how visitors see your website. Visualize clicks and mouse moves, discover which areas draw visitors’ attention and which go unnoticed. Test every part of your page and find room for improvement. more...

  • ConverTiger   Favorite

    In their own words:

    A website tool that allows you to record users sessions, see problems, fix them, and turn visitors into paying customers.

    Session Records that include useful information such as: referrer, IP Address, Country name, language, Browser, Operating System, Device type, Screen resolution, Landing page and Exit page, among others!


  • Bitly   Favorite

    Bitly-logo is the most popular URL shortener on the Web. It has been especially popular with Twitter, and is integrated with many other services. Furthermore, it tracks the links that others are sharing, so you can get a sense for how much others are sharing your links if they use, too.


  • ClickTale   Favorite


    ClickTale captures every mouse move, click, scroll and keystroke that a visitor makes inside a webpage, and then sends this information back to the ClickTale servers in a highly compressed package. Our servers take a snapshot of the webpage as experienced by the visitor, and combine it with the visitor actions to recreate the original browsing session. When you then login to your ClickTale account you can see your visitor recordings, visual heatmaps and other behavioral reports. ClickTale Logo


  • Captix   Favorite

    Capture is a secret business weapon.  Now at your fingertips, you have the mobile and social engagement tools that empower your business to reach and connect with customers where they work, live and buy. You can now learn from and apply real-time data and analytics across all communications functions to improve multiple business performance goals.  Over three years of evolution, analytics and insight have formed a suite of tools within one, simple solutions brings you power and control unlike many existing technologies. more...

  • SessionCam   Favorite

    In their own words:

    • Watch recordings of your website visitors including mobile users
    • See mouse movements, clicks, mobile gestures, form input, scrolling and dynamic Ajax content
    • Generate heatmaps for mouse movement, clicks, scrolling and attention
    • Analyse conversion funnels and form drop-off to reduce abandonment
    • Find usability and design issues to optimise and improve website conversion